Our urns

Urns made from the mixture of different 100% natural clays.
Exclusive combination of quality and design
Biodegradable and ecological
Wide range of designs and colors


Allowed uses:
Insertion in seas and rivers
Incorporation to the land
Presence in Columbarium
Presence at home

Properties of the urns

The manufacturing process of biodegradable urns has two slopes that converge in the same point, they are made from purely natural elements and one of their purposes is intended to be incorporated into the natural environment itself, it is not exclusive for these purposes as there is possibility to keep biodegradable urns at environment temperature.


Easy dissolution in water
Ability to be incorporated into the earth
Adaptability to non-aqueous media without affecting its shape.
Its decomposition does not pollute the environment.
Robustness and elegance
Supports ambient temperatures